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Words and Music

Vegan Queen V


C9  D4  Em7  x3

D/F#  G  G/B  C9


Verse 1

             C9               D4  Em

Did you drop me on my head?

                  C9                           D4          Em

Was there damage when I fell down the stairs?

      C9               D4   Em       D/F#      G  G/B    C9

Cause there's something I can't get my tiny little mind around

C9               D4  Em

How come only I see the

C9                   D4       Em

Fear and pain in their eyes?

    C9                D4   Em   D/F#      G  G/B    C9

See the value of their life comparable to yours and mine



          C9  D     Bm  Em         

Dominion, Dominion

                 C9  D     Bm  Em

How we abuse our position

          C9  D     Bm  Em

Dominion, Dominion

                       C9  D             C9               D4  Em7

It don't mean much if it's all gone, gone, gone, gone


Verse 2 (Chords as above)

If it's pure luxury and it ain't no necessity

Why can't we just let them be who they want to be?

All this hurt and pain it's so needless it's not okay

When we got the power to change, still you hold on to your prehistoric ways




Instrumental (verse chords)



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