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Lovejam Festival 2022

Vegan Queen V is an animal rights and human rights activist, sharing powerful messages of truth, love, compassion and freedom through her songs, and through her daily practices which she shares through social media.

Her debut album 'Freedom Warrior' was released May 2022, an album comprised of 11 original songs shedding light on the way we treat animals in the animal agricultural industry. Vegan Queen V believes that until these animals are living free, unharmed by human activity, we ourselves as humans cannot be free and are enslaved along with the animals by these systems of slavery, oppression and murder.

Vegan Queen V believes we innately do not want to hurt animals. As children, we see animals as our friends and compadres. Our children's books are full of stories where animals are seen as our friends, as beings who are intelligent and have feelings and emotions. The cognitive dissonance children are forced to go through when they are told they must eat these animal friends Vegan Queen V believes is part of a very evil and sick system deliberately curated to fill society with anger, anxiety and confusion. 

Vegan Queen V is standing for all animals, human and none, understanding that oppression and slavery is saturating our society, with animals feeling the brunt of this pain and injustice. She spreads truth, love and hope through her songs and performances, and hopes to inspire society to see that there is another way to live. Where animals are free to be who they want to be. Where we implement healthy practices such as yoga, meditation, cold water swimming, spending time in nature, dancing, walking barefoot and more. Where love is at the centre of our world. Love for animals, love for self, and love for eachother.  


Finding my inner warrior

Zala and Simba - my little family

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Freedom Warrior 2022 Tour

Photo taken during shooting of Dominion music video, Isle of Skye

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Serving Lady Cacao at my own festival Tribal Warrior Gathering

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